2.0ATA Hard Hyperbaric Chamber HP2202


Easy to carry, install and operate.
Inside the chamber, you can listen to music,
read a book, use cell phones or laptops







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Hard lying type chamber4
The material of the hatch is PC(Polycarbonate),which is the same material as the police shield, and has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
Hard lying type chamber5
On the left is the relative impact strength of PC(Polycarbonate). Compared to other commonly used plastics such as ABS, acrylic or nylon, the impact strength of polycarbonate is much better than other materials, so PC has better pressure resistance.
Intelligent control display panel
The intelligent control display panel is equipped both inside and outside the cabin, with two options: regular and digital screen, which can be timed. It is equipped with an internal and external dialogue system, and the panel displays oxygen concentration, pressure, humidity, and temperature.
Hard lying type chamber6
Hard lying type chamber7
Internal and external communication system
The internal and external communication system likely enables communication between the cabin's occupants and people outside, enhancing interaction and convenience.
Hard lying type chamber8
Hard lying type chamber9

Linen mattress and pillow

(1)3D material, millions of support points,perfectly fit the curve of the human body,support the curve of the human body, and support the human body in an all-round way. In all directions, achieve a comfortable state of sleep.
(2)Hollow three-dimensional structure, six sides breathable, washable, easy to dry.
(3)The material is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and has passed the ROHS international test.

Hard lying type chamber10
Hard lying type chamber11
Automatic pressurization and depressurization system 
Based on the principle of "cylinder (engine)",automatic pressure is applied after the door is completely closed.
Hard lying type chamber12
Machine activation protection system
It can only be opened when the room door is completely closed, avoiding the danger of the room door being unlocked.
Hard lying type chamber13
Power failure protection system
In the event of an unexpected power failure,the door can be opened by opening the emergency safety device in the room.
Dual pressure monitoring system
Internal and external pressure gauges monitor real-time pressure and can also be observed by the intelligent control display panel.
Hard lying type chamber14
Automatic chair lift (optional)
Automatic chair lifts are optional, making it easier for the user to sit or lie down.
Hard lying type chamber15
Hard lying type chamber16
TV stand(optional)
Equipped with a TV stand, it allows you to double your entertainment while relaxing.
Three options of breathing oxygen :
Three options of breathing oxygen

Oxygen mask

Oxygen headset

Oxygen nasal tube


Hard lying type chamber3-7

Control unit

Hard lying type chamber3-8

Air conditioner

(Oxygen concentrator
Air compressor)
Model BOYT1501-10L HX-010
Machine size 76*42*72cm 76*42*72cm
Gross weightof machine 90kg 32kg
Rated voltage 110V 60Hz 220V 50Hz 110V 60Hz 220V 50Hz
Input power 1300W 300W
Input flow rate 70L/min /
Oxygen productionflow rate 5L/min or 10L/min /
Machine material Ferroalloy(Surface coating) Stainless steelspray
Machine noise ≤60dB ≤60dB
Components Power cord,Flow meter, Connection air tube Power cord Connectingpipe,Water collector,Air conditioning unit


Hard lying type chamber3-9
Hard lying type chamber3-11
Chamber wooden box:
Hard lying type chamber3-10
Control unit wooden box:
Hard lying type chamber3-12
AC unit carton:

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